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Over THIRTY (30) plus years of producing quality great danes with respect to health,
temperament, size, longevity, and conformation.
Here at Excalibur Great Danes we've built our core values on integrity, loyalty, and passion for
the breed that we so love. Our commitment is to provide the people (adoptive parents) with quality
great danes, superior service, and our continued life-time support and respect! We choose who we
do business with.
At EXCALIBUR GREAT DANES we take great pride in breeding
"GENTLE GIANTS" specializing in that OLD GERMAN &
EUROPEAN look! Our danes possess certain noble characteristics
such as: enormous stature, large boning, huge chest, muscular
defined build, and big heads & lip. This look, the "EXCALIBUR
LOOK" is what we love and strive to produce! We researched and
imported only the finest specimens to incorporate into our select
breeding program and perpetuate the finest quality color pure
Harlequin & Mantle great danes available in the United States. We
felt that incorporating the German/European lineages into our
American breeding program was the best thing to do for the breed.
Here at Excalibur we have been breeding quality danes since 1980.
We have had many repeat customers and can provide excellent
references upon request. I started my breeding program as an under
study of Antonia Pratt of Meistersinger Kennels in Louisville, KY.
She brought Harlequin Danes to the United States in 1950 thru
1960's from some of the best and most famous kennels all across
Germany and Europe! She produced and bred more Champions
than probably anyone in her time. There have been many books,
newspapers, and magazine articles published in her honor. As well
as paintings and photos of her and her great danes that are in
national museums. Our first danes were from Meistersinger
Kennels. We fell in love with that "Nobel Look" of the
German/European danes. With that love and perserverance...I
chose to continue breeding danes. My daughter Kimberly has grew
up around the danes and continues to help me with my breeding
program. She has a wealth of knowledge of the breed and will
continue on with my breeding program in years to come.  Many of
my original danes have of course now passed on, but I have bred an
excellent quality Great Dane by incorporating those fine lines and
producing the "Excalibur Great Dane." I offer a wonderful heath
guarantee and life time breeder support. All of our puppies come
"pre-spoiled" from our home to yours! All puppies have up to date
vaccinations, de-wormings, vet health check-ups, Heart-Guard,
Frontline, and micro-chipped (by request). Please feel free to
browse our site and view the many beautiful & wonderful danes I
have enjoyed over the last 34 years! If your interested in a puppy or
have any questions please e-mail at the link below or feel free to
call. Thanks for stopping by...HAVE A GREAT DANE DAY!!!
Toni Pratt of Meistersinger Kennels with a puppy I
bred in (1991). Many thanks to Toni for the wealth
of knowledge she gave me in breeding quality great
danes! God Bless
her and I know she is in heaven
with big, beautiful harlequin great danes by her
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Virginia Felker or Kimberly
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Vine Grove Ky 40175
270-877-5020 or 270-501-2321
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colorpure, healthy females!!
We have available puppies!  Please email, call, or text for more
information 270-501-2321! Please check out our puppy page for pics!
One of Spartacus Liberte'
beautiful harlequin boys!
One of Polar Bear's beautiful harlequin females.
Big, beautiful, and massive male "Atticus" out of
Excalibur's Midnight Sparkles and Zenobbi Liberte'
Excalibur Great Danes - September 26, 2014

I would just like to send my sincere condolences to the family of Barbara Rettig in Germany. We have truly lost a wonderful lady
and contributor to the GREAT DANE WORLD! She was a dear friend and fellow breeder with mother. My mother and I are
deeply sadden. Zenobbi Liberte' , Yubi Liberte' and Yasmine Liberte' we love you and will never forget the legacy you have
brought to EXCALIBUR GREAT DANES! I still remember the day back in early 2004 when we began our import program with
Barbara and LiBerte' danes! We loved Barbara from the start and knew she was a wonder and knowledgeable breeder just like
us! We love the big, German/European bloodlines, and those big heads and lips! Now that Antonia Pratt of Meistersinger Great
Danes (bred danes for over 50 years), Barbara Rettig of Liberte' Great Danes (bred danes for over 40 years), are gone - my
mother is one of the last generations from their time still breeding with some of their original lines. My mom has been breeding
danes for over 30 years. Despite her illness, she continues to love the breed. But who couldn't love these GENTLE GIANTS! I
have grown up with them, my son has grown up with them, and many of them have touched our hearts. I truly believe Toni and
Barbara are in Heaven with big, beautiful great danes by their sides! I love you ladies both and miss you tremendously! God
Bless You! Your LEGACY WILL LIVE ON the BEAUTY of the NOBLE GREAT DANE!  I posted a few
pictures below of Barbara's danes that she truly loved. They are also the ancestors of Zenobbi, Yubi,  & Yasmine Liberte' which
were our foundation Liberte' danes we imported.  They are truly GENTLE GIANTS!